The statistics of pageviews on the LingQ site

Have you seen the statistics of pageviews on the LingQ site?

According to the statistics of the Alexa site, percent of global pageviews on has changed by +462% for the last one month, by +576% for the last three month.

There were several mistakes in the last message, so I will repost it.

According to the statistics of the Alexa site, the percentage of global pageviews on has changed by +462% for the last one month and by +576% for the last three months.

Thank you for sharing this Link.

I’m curious about what happened in November and December that there is such an increase?

Mark writes about it here:
Alexa Rank - Language Forum @ LingQ (Open forum->Alexa rank, page 3)

Thank you Jeff. I had in my mind that I heard before of Alexa but I wasn’t sure in which context. Now it’s clear, and I know why the rank increases.

What’s interesting is that with only a few of us installing the Alexa add on, we still made such a huge jump in our Alexa rank! If a few more of you could install the Alexa add on I’m sure we would improve our ranking even more… :slight_smile:

On the other hand, it sure doesn’t say much for the value of the Alexa ranking. Nor does it really tell us what use it is for us to improve our ranking that much. At any rate, it can’t possibly hurt us and I know it is used by some ranking sites so can only benefit LingQ. Thanks Yutaka for the update!

I sooo don’t understand the Alexa add on. How can my installing it on my computer raise LingQ’s rank?

Nice to see that is so popular in Russia though! Rasana have you got all your family reading it? :wink:

Ha-ha, Helen :slight_smile: Ты раскусила меня! (Eh, my English is not so good to write this in English at 12:23 am)

@Helen - The Alexa addon tracks the websites that you visit and combines that info with the same info it collects from all others who have the Alexa addon. It then generates site popularity rankings for all sites visited based on the info it collects. Not really a very accurate picture of a site’s popularity but some people pay attention to it for some reason. Since a few of us installed it recently, our Alexa ranking has skyrocketed. I assume it will start to slow down in its increase soon but I have to believe that if a few more of us install it, it can only help. Thanks for installing!