This conversation with the American Rick Johnson could be useful and impotrant to all people who are interested in politics of the USA, also for the native speakers.
Rick makes a good analysis why Obama won and Romney lost.
He gives a lot of figures and interestiong facts of the process of this election.
This is the link to this interesting conversation:

I am a politically interested person, so thank you, Evgueny for this interesting podcast - conversation. To give my personal comment: I am happy that Barack Obama won the election, and I read the same reaction from many young people on Facebook.

There is one political expression used in this podcast and I would like to have an explanation of this:

< bipartisan support >

Does it mean the support of the voters of the competitor party?


‘bipartisan’, in some doctionaries ‘bi-partisan’ means ‘from two parties’,
and then it’s in the text also ‘partisan’- in German: “parteilich”

Obama will need bipartisan support in order to enact legislation on the economy, in other words the support of some Republican members congress in addition to Democrat support.

Thank you for the clarification of the word “bipartisan”, Evgueny and Steve. Now I understand.

Sometimes I watch CNN TV, but I have never heard this word in the CNN news.