The problem with travelling abroad

As my trip to South Korea draws near, I notice my activity score dropping lower and lower. Why? Because I am working as many hours as possible to have extra money to spend on my trip! It’s quite the dilemma; not enough time to study Korean because I’m saving up to go to Korea. I’m not sure what’s more important, enjoying myself while I’m there or improving my language ability. Both are important.

My android lingq app is saving me because I can at least review flash cards with it during my lunch break or during the last few moments before I fall asleep.
I don’t know what is more important in this instance, money or knowledge, and to what ratio?
Also, even though I am beginner one, lack of on-site content makes things take longer because I feel I learn the best by searching for and typing in my own imported lessons.

Any tips for continuing to make progress on limited time and limited energy?

Do anything that keeps you in contact with the language, even if it seems crazy. For instance, it seems I have grown weary of all Japanese content… I do not know why… However, I am really keen to keep up my daily dose of Japanese… so I am taking a 1/2 hour a day and simply copying out Japanese script into my notebook. Any content. It is the only thing I feel like doing at the moment. Anything to keep in daily contact with the language.