The number of new words in the course's page is not the same as in the lesson's page

The number of new words a lesson has in the course’s page is not the same as the number of words in that lesson’s page. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if the numbers are supposed to measure different things. I recently updated the lesson so maybe it takes time to recalculate.

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I have just noticed that when I finish a lesson and click on all blue words, sometimes there are still indicated some blue wors that were not cleared. When I looked carefully, those were either numbers or words written in “faded” letters. These words cannot be highlighted. I find this in all the languages I study. (Today in one lesson posted by Vera in German)I hope someone is going to take care of this. When I clear all the words (including those that are numbers, etc.), that means that my count of known words is incorrect. This way my results will be very misleading. Could someone correct this, please?

Hi Zuzana, please check your email, I replied on your message and explained the issue in details.