The number of contents on Iphone application


Is there a limit number of contents from my lesson that shows on LingQ Iphone application? I only see some contents from my lesson on the application.

Thank you.

Yes, there is. Save your favorite lessons in a playlist.

@yukiko - Yes, the app currently displays the 30 most recently opened lessons, as there were performance issues when displaying the full list of lessons for certain members. As easydialect mentions, you will be able to save lessons to a playlist in the app in order to get them to appear regardless of when they were last opened.

So, if I add to the playlist, not only the audio but also the contents and LingQ cards in my lesson on the web are displayed on app?

Can LingQ app be used on Galaxy, Samsung? I am thinking of changing to that.

Thank you.

@yukiko - That’s correct :slight_smile: Yes, we do have an Android app as well which you can find here:

That’s great! Thank you, Alex :slight_smile: