The new version v the classic. Problems highlighting

I have returned to the site after a couple of years’ absence and have noticed that highlighting is a bit hit or miss. Sometimes I can highlight a phrase or sentence and other times I am only allowed to highlight half of it or even just a few words - it physically will not allow me to highlight the full sentence or phrase. Bizarre. I like the fact the new version allows me to see the full translation of longer sentences before clicking and much prefer this to the half translation one would get in the old one, however, the classic view at least allowed me to highlight a full sentence every time. I find that I have to switch between the two which is a bit annoying. Will this be rectified any time soon? Also, making the blue words known words when moving on to the next page is quite annoying too. Hey, I’m still glad to be back and wish you lovely boys and girls at LingQ a Happy New Year !!!

“making the blue words known words when moving on to the next page…” Just click on the “star” in the upper right corner, when in a lesson.


Cheers, and a Happy New Year to you. Here’s a rose for you !!