The Most Multilingual Student in the UK

A well known British publisher of dictionaries and language courses has conducted a survey to find the student in the UK who speaks the most languages fluently. The guy they found was a student at Oxford University:

Simply unbelievable!

And he’s only 20 years old! :-0

Further information posted with the video:

Alex Rawlings, a 20-year-old student at Oxford University, has won a search to identify the most multilingual student in the U.K.

Publisher Harper Collins bestowed the title on Rawlings as part of a nationwide search they launched last June in promotion of their new language and learning courses, according to the company’s website.

Rawlings showcased his fluency or near-fluency in 11 languages including English, Greek, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Hebrew, Catalan and Italian.

Rawlings said his mother, who is half Greek, spoke to him in English, Greek and some French when he was growing up. He is currently studying German and Russian at college and taught himself other languages like Dutch because he was determined to talk to people on his travels or simply because he thought the language was interesting or beautiful.

BTW I see that Harper Collins were aware of Richard Simcott too!

Thanks for that, Chris.

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who’s Mr. Ray Gillion? any additional info?


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thx… wait a minute, wasn’t it Gillion but Gillon?

“…discovered the UK’s leading multilingual adults, Richard Simcott and Ray Gillion, who speak 40 languages between them.”

yep, Gillon… thx again

but we can’t know how he really talk conversation. billingual is often not able to academic words in both languages. even if he can talk with his friend, it is not equole that he can talk at the bisiness or academic situation.