The method to chose a language

I am quite selective when it comes to language learning . For i adore reading specially literature .
Before i start to learn it ,the language in target, It must pass through a number of stages , let us say .
The stages are

  1. the alphabet .
  2. the genitive and Definite articles .
  3. the culture .
  4. finally the structure .
    That is for me. what bout you ? , and how do you select your languages ?
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I’m playing the long game. I’m just learning Italian, which is only my third language. When I can express myself fluently and with subtlety and nuance in it, I’ll think about another language.

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hi cheska99
So what is the reason that urges you to learn Italian ?



To me it necessarily comes down to the language that I have to use for professional reasons. I probably would not learn a language unless I had to actively use it, since without actively using it for life I would end up forgetting it.