The message "Error: Importing failed - Subtitles can't be used" appears. How can I import this video?

The message “Error: Importing failed - Subtitles can’t be used” appears. How can I import this video?


What is the video you have a problem with?

I’m having this problem with this video: 00Nation sign GODSENT, another CSPPA blunder, Cologne starts | HLTV Peek CS:GO News - YouTube

And in any that i’ve been tried.

@lucaspeixotot Please note that auto-generated subtitles can’t be imported.

could this be a feature to be added in the future? this would be really helpfull.

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It’s not a feature thing. Since recently LingQ imported could import all auto-generated subtitles too. However, due to changes made by YouTube recently, it is no longer possible to import all auto-generated subtitles as their format changes. Not much we can do at the moment.

Is there any chance to import a Youtube video? I tried it with different ones, and always I got the message “error - subtitles can’t be imported”.


The LingQ importer can’t import the video if it doesn’t have subtitles included.

Check out this free extension for more import options

Ah thanks, I will check.