The lessons I studied were not shown on my activities page

When I studied the lesson"Getting started". It was shown on my activities page. But they were not shown when I studied other lessons. So can anyone tell me why? If I did something wrong? How should I do?

Did you click on the I Know All Button each time you had finished a lesson?

Lessons will be shown on your activities page only when you have pressed the I Know All button.

Thank you so much. Yes, I didn’t click on the"I Know All"button. Because I am not sure if I know them all. There are too many new words. Maybe I can memorize them all today. But I afraid I will forget some of them after there days or a week. So I didn’t click on the button.

Don’t worry at all about forgetting or memorising. It’ll happen as long as you keep listening to lots and lots of material, revising your words occasionally. Good luck!


I would not bother trying to memorize these new words. Most of the words you learn, you will forget. It is only after seeing them many times (highlighted in yellow for you at LingQ) that they will truly become known. Trust me on this. I have learned many languages.

And “I know all” does not mean that you know all. It only means that you have selected the words in the text that you know that you do not know and added them to your data base. Clicking “I know all” means that you probably know the other words. It is important to click on this button and go on studying.

“I know all” is not good wording and we are looking at changing it.

I geit it now, thank you so much.

I am sorry, I get it. I wrote “geit”. Thank you so much.