The length limit of the translation field for a lingq

I like to add quite long dictionary entries into the translation field and while the length limit is too short I have to shorten them manually all the time.
That is actually a great loss of time and it’s often what doesn’t allow me to make lingqs at the same time as I listen to the content :(((

Of-course there are lots of different “lingqing” methods, that other learners use and could propose to me, but that would be really convenient for me if the length limit for the translation field would be about 5 times as long as it is now.

The current limit for the Hint field is 250 characters, as you may have realized. If we increase this limit, the Hint won’t be able to display in the Flashcards.

Out of curiosity, why is it that you would need upwards of 1,000 characters for each LingQ? That’s twice as much as you wrote in your post…

I prefer to use the Abbyy Lingvo dictionary and a considerable part of its entries doesn’t fit into this limit. Moreover, for German I have to use the same lingq for different “trennbare Verben”. So, it’s even more.
Well, yeah: I normally can edit any Lingvo Dictionary entry to make it more laconic, but it takes time and effects the way I use the site itself (have to pause an audio).

Unfortunately the site can’t fit everyone’s method of study perfectly. You may be better off using QuickLingQ mode to create the LingQs first, then listening to the audio as you follow along later.

Of-course it can’t, but I am just talking about a length limit for an entry :slight_smile:
Anyway, I see. And the site is a great job anyway, even-though I would probably write a bunch of other proposals as they would totally overcome my mind)))

One of them is closely related to this one: there is this site - It uses the very same Abbyy Lingvo dictionaries, but with a bit more advanced engine. I would be glad to see it on the LingQ’s list of dictionaries, available at lingqing for Russian speakers. Probably, other Russian speakers would be too))

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve now gone in and added this dictionary. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: