The Import Bookmarklet Feature and the Words of Reading

I like the Import Bookmarklet feature very much. It’s very useful and easy to import articles than before. The amount of articles that I read at LingQ has incredibly increased since the feature was introduced. But I found the fact that the number of words of reading on the profile page is not increased automatically after I read the article that was imported by using the Import Bookmarklet feature. I know that the number of words on the task section is increased automatically when I push the button of “I Know All”. Is this the same with all LingQ members or the problem with only me? I hope the number of words on the profile page will be also increased automatically even when I read the article by using the Import Bookmarklet feature. The Progress Snapshot motivates me a lot! Of course if it is difficult to change the program, I will add the number manually from now on. Thanks in advance.

Hi hirohide,

Thanks for reporting this error. It seems to be a general issue. We’ll look into it.

Hi Alex,
Thank you very much for fixing the error that I reported the other day.
Now the number of words of reading on the profile page increases automatically after I read the article that was imported with the Import Bookmarklet and push the “LingQ’d” button!

You’re welcome, Hirohide. That was fixed yesterday. Thanks for reporting it.

I had a question about the the Import Bookmarklet feature as well. For some reason it never works on my browser Mozilla Firefox I have to use my Safari web browser (I’m a mac user) for it to work. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with Firefox.

For me it works just fine and I’m using mozilla firofox but on a PC.

I don’t have this problem problem with Firefox as well.

Ok, thanks maybe it’s just a problem for Firefox on Mac.

No, it works on FF on Mac. I use it there all the time and so do many others. It sounds like the problem must be something else. You may have problems importing sometimes from specific sites depending on the formatting on those sites. Have you tried using the bookmarklet on a variety of sites on FF? Are the sites that don’t work on FF working in Safari? You may want to delete the bookmarklet and drag it to your bookmarks bar again to see if that fixes the issue. Let us know what happens so we can better identify the problem.

@Mark I’m going to try re-dragging it to my bookmarks and using it on different websites. I’ve tried doing that in the past, but it didn’t work for me. It’s very possible that it’s a formatting issue of the websites I’ll try it again and let you know what happens.

I tried it again and it works. It never used to work for me. :smiley: the same website as always I used to have to use Safari for it to allow me to import.