The happy prince - Part 3

All in all the speaker a little difficult to understand (for ME).
For this I don’t know is that word “eh” a typo or not:

And he wrote a long letter about it to eh local newspaper.

Sometimes the transcriber includes these “exclamations”. There will always be a few words that you do not understand, including mistakes. You should learn to accept them and ignore them-:slight_smile:

That was one I recorded and uploaded. That is actually a typo. It should read “to the local newspaper”. Sorry about that; I will correct it. Was the difficulty in understanding because of the speed or is the accent?

Thanks for the feedback!


you know I not yet as good as I wanted to be. For this I can better understand when the text is spoken a little clearer (how Steve is speaking or Julie, my tutor). But I think when my understanding will be better than it will be no more problems to follow those or faster spoken text too.
Thanks for your answer.

Jason, I would like let you know that the little story from The happy prince is really nice!!

Hi Jason,
please could you do a correction in Happy prince part 2:

One of the windows is open and through it I can see a woman seated at a table. Her face is tin and worn,

I don’t know really if “tin” is “thin” or another word. It sounds a little different but tin could not be correct I think.