The future or Fortschritt durch Technik

Just over a year ago I didn’t even own an MP3 player.(Nor did I have the courage to speak to strangers in French and Spanish. Had you told me I’d be learning Swedish, I would have laughed.) I had never been in an internet forum and was quite happy to restrict my computer use to the odd letter and playing Solitaire. LingQ has changed my life. I have followed your recommendations and bought a netbook for my travels. I am now all ‘dongled’ up to the nines while babysitting. The only downside is that I’m having so much fun playing with my new toy that I’m doing even less work than I have been doing lately. How was your year at LingQ?

I think it’s great that you were able to change your attitude. It shows that you are still young :slight_smile: I would wish that all people stay young in their mind when they get older. I hope that I’ll do. Some weeks ago I bought a new gadget, so I know how you feel exploring all the new options…

I feel that I’ve not enough time for learning with LingQ because I’m always short in time. Tutoring takes some of my free time. Also I love to create content which is time consuming too.