The future of "LingQ on the WEB" APP?

I think, this application is simply amazing. I predict a big future for it, and I am very curious about your opinions on its effect on LingQ’s success. I think that the automatic import into LingQ, or lingqing on a website can make LingQ really popular. (I discovered it just now. I think its pretty new, isn’t it? If it is not, my whole comment is off-topic. That would be rather embarrassing as I have been using LingQ for six months now.) Anyway, I am personally very grateful for it, so if any of the stuff pops in: please accept my highest consideration. :-)) I can talk only in superlatives about it.

I would never have thought that such a powerful tool will be provided for us. Actually, this is the most useful application I have ever came across in connection with my language learning. I missed it so much. I am going to share it with all of my friends in order to help them to combine a better understanding of foreign websites with an additional improvement of their second (third etc.) language.

Do you also see such kind of an extended potential in LingQ for filling a mission of spreading language learning?

Hi @Wirthmari - thank you very much for such a positive feedback! We are really glad to hear you like our Chrome extension (we have released it in February this year). With this extension we want our members to benefit from all language interactions throughout their day, especially considering that we all spend an enormous amount of time on the Internet :slight_smile:

Happy LingQing and good luck with your language!

It is definitely useful, although still some has some kinks to work out (seems like it’s hit or miss with Japanese, but I hear it works great with other languages). Makes going and finding content to LingQ a fun adventure! :slight_smile: