The frequency of the podcasting

I’ve just listenen to the recent podcast. You asked us to feedback about the frequency. Here is my feedback.
It is OK for me that you podcast two times per week. I can follow even if you upload the show three or four times, but you must be busy.
hope this helps

I posted the message on the wrong forum. I reposted the same thread on the EnglishLingQ Forum. Please delete this thread.

Thanks for the feedback, Nobuo!

We don’t really have an easy way of deleting posts right now so it’s fine to leave your post on two different forums.

Will it be possible to delete posts by ourselves near future ? I hope so. Then I wouldn’t be blushing if I posted like " dairy conversation" instead of " daily conversation " !

Hi Rosy,

We would like to have this functionality as well, but it is likely still a ways away. We have a long list of things to do and this is just not a priority at the moment, although we know it is important.

Please continue to be patient. We appreciate it!