The feed maybe shouldn't show images

Perhaps the feed shouldn’t show the images of articles which LingQ users have imported, because I have seen some pornographic and controversial images appear on my feed, and it probably offends some users.

I have seen some pointless illustrations in my life such as a pile of dog droppings to illustrate an article about people who don’t pick up after their dogs. Here in Norway the practice is to publish it whatever it is and then ignore the complaints, perhaps even writing the article in a language of such a low standard that a 15 year old could have written it better by having a seizure induced by overconsumption of energy drinks on the keyboard. I suppose, though, that in the USA things might be different. It would be interesting if you could show me some examples of such images if only to broaden our understanding of the difference between American and Norwegian critical limits on personal bullshit meters.

Make sure to report inappropriate courses/lessons to support(at) and we will deal with them. Thanks!

Well, Apple Daily in Chinese is showing that type of images, e.g.

(This is an automatic feed, and they often show that type of images).

Yeah, it’s a media feed so there isn’t much we can do here except to remove it completely. We will see how it goes and if needed, I’ll remove it.