The Fastest Way to Learn a Language: 8 LingQ Hacks!

In the latest post on the LingQ blog member Yannick shared his productivity hacks and general best practices for using LingQ. It’s a must read for all LingQers! #langtwt
The Fastest Way to Learn a Language: 8 LingQ Hacks! - LingQ Blog


Hack #9: take advantage of Lingq word count to find material that has the appropriate percentage of new words so you can consume comprehensible input.

I would have benefited from this tip long before I realized it.


Is there a specific percentage that you usually try to aim for? Would you say roughly 15-30% new words is a good target?

Opinions vary. I think the ideal is about 20%. Not that I never read when that % is higher. Find what works for you. If the % is high, all I spend my time doing is looking up words. It’s heard to keep the context of any sentence in my head.

My brain can only absorb so much at one time. I love the idea of “comprehensible” input. My own experience learning German attests to how well that works. Of course there may be times of overwhelm. You can’t avoid it in the real world. And there are benefits to that as well.

See what works for you.

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