"The dog that caught the car"

“One of their[defenders of the Affordable Care Act] objectives is to try to prevent Republicans from repealing the ACA[Affordable Care Act], without also enacting a replacement. (Currently Republicans plan to quickly vote on repealing the law, and delay the effective date to give them time to craft a replacement.”
Obama Lines up a Meeting With Lawmakers, a Speech in Chicago - ABC News - http://abcn.ws/2iPyVlc

“A recent poll suggests that defenders of the law may get a receptive hearing from the public. Only about 1 in 4 Americans want Trump and the GOP-led Congress to completely repeal the ACA, according to a post-election survey by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.”
This excerpt is from the same news article cited in the last post of mine.

I expect it’ll all get wrapped up sooner or later.

I imagine that your favorite county, to which you give “120-percent” support, in the Middle East has some sort of universal health care system.

120 should read 110.

“…your favorite county, to which you give “120-percent” support…”

I said 110% - but you can add an extra 10% for mom and the kids. That’s cool. :slight_smile:

One of my other favourite countries has a hadron collider. Switzerland travel - Lonely Planet | Europe

(I almost said “Hail Don collider” - that would’ve been such a Freudian slip! Donald Trump, Superhero | The New Republic )

Every dog has its day, although you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
The dog that caught your car may die a dog’s death.

Aye, it’s a dog’s life for some. You don’t want to be in Washington DC during the long “dog days of Summer”! Not unless you checked into a funky air-conditioned hotel!

In his NIGHTMARES Yutaka would wake up in this hotel, hear the clock strike 13, and see the Ghost of America’s future wearing a Trump-themed towel robe, and beaming at him from the foot of his bed from under a shimmering halo of golden hair!

Oh yes indeed. :slight_smile:

I mean, I’m assuming that Yutaka is a “he”??

If Yutaka is a “she”, then waking up and seeing The Donald in her room wearing a towel robe would be taking the concept of “nightmare” and cranking it up to a whole new level…yes!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think that the Chosen People in Israel do not need the universal health care system?

Not if it’s anything like the cr_ppy NHS…

“On Monday, Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s top advisers, said, ‘We don’t want anyone who currently has insurance not to have insurance’ — a principle that disqualifies every Republican repeal plan, including Trump’s own.”
“Trump, for his part, has promised to ‘repeal and replace with something terrific,’ which I think is actually a pretty good statement of GOP intentions right now. The problem comes when you try to create something that voters will think is terrific and that costs less, and requires less government involvement and lower taxes, than Obamacare.”