The daily english show - 1124 episodes with transcripts (in english and japanese, sometimes in more languages)

Wonderful Sarah a new zealander that has been making the daily english show for more than 3 years now. She is an english teacher and teaches english in her shows.

Very interesting and fun. She lived in Japan until a couple of months ago. So you learn things from Japan too.

This is one of my favorite shows, an interview of Miso, a japanese woman who lived in England for a few years. Just watch her and see how well she speaks.

(on the right side click “more info” and you get the url of the script)

You can subscribe to her in youtube:

Her website, where the transcripts and the youtube’s embebed videos are:


If you can get permission you can upload them to our library and earn points. Thanks for the information.

The Daily English Show is for English learners, ESL and EFL students and teachers and anyone interested in language learning. The videos are free to watch and distribute in classrooms. Transcripts for every show are available for free

I will ask her anyway. Let’s see how it goes because the shows are videos and I don’t know if just the audio will do. Even if I put the link to the video inside the lesson.

Thank you for the idea Steve