The > button is not working, I can't move forward in my lesson

I can’t use the > button to move forward to the next sentence/page in my lesson.
I’m stuck on the same page.

which browser are you using? have you tried refreshing the page?

You can also move forward by clicking on the horizontal bar above the text.

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Should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

I have experienced the problem in the public lesson.
The problem is still there.
I have some screenshots, how can I post them in my reply comment?

Here are the screenshot links

I use Google Chorme.
I have tried refreshing the web page and use horizontal bar to move forward.
Still doesn’t work.

I have the same problem. The buttons don’t (always) work and the left/right keys don’t work either. It is not in all the lessons though. Some lessons work fine, but others do not.

Thank you for that. I tried it and it works fine, even when the buttons and the keys do not. It goes only forward, unfortunately, but it is certainly a solution. Great tip!

I tried it again now, at 20220205-1752 EST and the lesson that did not work a few hours ago, now seems to work even better than with the older version of LingQ. Great.

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That’s great to hear. Thanks!

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I may have yelled victory a bit too soon. I am currently having the same problem with a new lesson. On top of that, that lesson now contains unknown (blue) words that were not considered unknown before.

This is (not) funny. I tried it again just now, at 20220206-0950 EST, and it works just fine again.

I’ve had this problem a few times, too. When it happens to me, the bar at the top often doesn’t work either. I usually end up just exiting the lesson or toggling between sentence mode and full mode.

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Exiting the lesson is what I do as well. I had not thought of toggling between sentence mode and full mode. I’ll try that next time.

The pattern I’ve been seeing in simplified Chinese is when a dialogue sentence sometimes splits off the right quotation mark " after a punctuation mark (。", ?”, !”) it becomes it’s own sentence after importing, and won’t progress forward, regardless of reloading.

For example: “我喜欢的人一直是你。“ becomes two sentences [ “我喜欢的人一直是你。] + [“].

This might be because of the weird spacing issues that Chinese style periods sometimes create?

I went through a lesson and replaced the “Chinese style” dialogue punctuation (。“, ?”, !”) with “western style” (.”, ?”, !”)and that fixed the problem. (Hopefully it’ll bugs will be eventually worked out because it’s an extra couple of steps)

After 3 days of using without the current problem. I think I will wait for another 4 days to see if I can add a (Resolved) tag on the thread title.

I thought that too, but it proved to be an illusion. When switching to another text, the problem came back. It seems to be largely related to the beginning of a text.

Stopped working again. At least for me.

Yeah now I can’t use the > button to move to the next lesson. I have to go to the “…” and use the > button up there to move.

(I’ve had to completely abandon sentence mode for the past three months, as it doesn’t work most of the time for me, but at least in the paragraph mode > still works.)

Yeah that works, but it doesn’t complete the lesson.