The buttom " I know all words' isn't working

A new problem today: after my reading ang LingQing some words I would like to add other blue words to ‘my known words’ but the bottom ’ I know all these words’ isn’t working - the words keep blue as if they would be unknown for me.

I have a similar sort of problem. When I clicked LingQ’d, it doesn’t have that little message pop up, saying how many words I now know. It uploads and that is it.

By the way, I have cleared my cache.

We took an extra week to check for bugs with all the changes and fixes we had this time, and still these bugs slip through. This seems to happen off an on, I have also experienced it. We will get on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It looks like this is an issue specific to Firefox. As Steve says, we’ll add this to our list and hopefully get it sorted out soon.