The billing day

Dear Mark,

My billing day is 18th of the month. However, I have not received my points yet.(20:30 Japan Time).
A couple of days ago I upgraded my membership from Plus to Premium. Does it have anything to do with the delay?Or, is this just because the time gap between Canada and Japan?

I am terribly sorry for asking my personal question here. However, checking the history of the billings did not get me anywhere( each payment time was really at random,like sometimes and I didn’t know if the time gap might be a cause or not).

Oh, I have a title as a tutor!! I didn’t know that!!

I might have done something wrong in the setting area!

Sorry, but my Japanese is not good enough to be a tutor.

Another problem arose!!

Why do I have a title as a tutor under my photo?
I don’t think I did something about it…

Please help me.

Extremely sorry for appearing over and over.

My points have just come!
I realized that everyone has a title as a tutor now!

I am tremendously happy to see everything working out for me…








LingQ can’t afford to have a QA-department, that’s why all members are beta-testers.

Yes, I don’t dislike a beta version.




I am a dinosaur when it comes to a computer, but I would be very honored if I can work a little bit as a beta-tester:-)

I wonder what QA stands for.

QA is quality assurance

Thank you.

たった今 このメッセージスレッド読みました。一人芝居とっても面白かったです。 私も笑ってしまいました。(失礼)



実はつい先日までインポートの意味がぜええんぜえん分からなくて、機械にお強そうなプロフィールののぶおさんのウォールに「一から教えて下さい ついていきます」メッセージを送ろうかと真剣に考えていたのですが、帰郷の息子に教えてもらい、やっと分かりました。と思ったところにこのchange! 息子は明日帰ってしまうので、またも一人孤独に悶々と悩む日が待っているかと思うと。。


Hi Cherry,

Our recurring system is on Vancouver time so please give an extra day for your points to arrive each month. :slight_smile: We will remove the tutor label from everyone since everyone is actually not a tutor. This is showing now since everyone can tutor if they want but you do have to choose your tutoring language on the Settings page.

By the way, I’m sure you would make a great tutor. Most of our members would. You don’t have to be a professor of Japanese. :wink: As long as you speak your own language well and make interesting conversation, you will do great. You can choose to either correct writing or host conversations or both. Give it a try!

And…thank you all for being our QA department! :slight_smile:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for answering my stupid questions very sincerely every time.
Now I totally understand the time gap.
I am enjoying seeing LingQ becoming a more and more attractive place for both its learners and tutors.

Actually, we can receive so many things through helping people.
I wish I could contribute myself to helping people learning Japanese on LingQ.