The best way to learn Chinese

  1. Immersion practice
    Immersion practice, which means you just put yourself into the target language environment. If you are learning Chinese, then live in China, live with the Chinese people. You can walk on the streets of China, to listen to the people on street how to communicate. A lot of Chinese learners like to hang out on the street, they want to experience this kind of life, because they can learn a lot of common sayings that are Chinese people often use every day. No matter eating, walking or working, you use Chinese all the time. I believe your Chinese listening and speaking skill will be improved greatly because of the immersion practice.

  2. Finding a professional Chinese learning institution
    If you want to learn Chinese systematically, then finding a professional Chinese Mandarin learning institution is the most recommended. A professional Chinese teacher could teach you Chinese from pinyin to Chinese characters, from words to phrases, from listening to speaking. It will avoid your taking detour during the Chinese learning. Here, Hanbridge Mandarin School is strongly recommended, which provides the most suitable Chinese courses for you according to your specific Chinese level. All the Hanbridge Teachers are professional Chinese teachers with years of Chinese teaching experience. No matter you study Chinese for interest, business Chinese, or HSk Test preparation, you will find the suitable Chinese courses in Hanbridge.
    Learn Mandarin with Hanbridge offline
    If you live in Shenzhen or Chengdu, China, then you can take Chinese course offline with Hanbridge. We have Chinese mandarin schools in Shenzhen and Chengdu. You can learn Chinese with the real professional Chinese teachers face to face. The class time and location is flexible, you can choose have class at Hanbridge or at your work place or at your home.
    Learn Mandarin with Hanbridge online
    If you are not in China, you can choose learn Chinese with Hanbridge online. Hanbridge provides all Chinese courses online, just like the offline class. You can book your Chinese class online and take class with Hanbridge Chinese teachers by using virtual classroom, which is convenient and real-time. You can take a free trial class first if you are interested.

  3. Learn Chinese on your own
    There are so many good ways to learn Chinese Mandarin. In addition to some conventional methods, there are some relatively interesting ways, such as watching Chinese movies, reading Chinese books. At this point, we propose you can start from some Chinese learning books for kids, which is often used by the cute children, because it is easier to understand and maybe you can capture the reading speed and the intonation of what they has said in the movie or book. As this way, you can improve step by step from the easy one to the difficult one. Furthermore, listen to Chinese songs in the same time you learn to sing that are the good ways to improve Chinese listening skills. We have many songs with the slowly rhythm and easy to learn to sing. Of course you can choose Chinese songs with the lively rhythm if you want.

In fact, for the language, if you want to learn it better, the best way is to practice, obviously. Spoken language needs to say more and the reading needs to read more, writing needs to do more practice. To lay a solid foundation about learning one language from the outset is the most important.

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Interesting. I am interested in that matter, not for myself, but for my young children. Most of your advices match a recent video I recently watched. Here is the link:

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It’s probably fair to mark this post/thread as an advertisement. 0 words in the account, a large post staring a new thread, mentioning specific schools…

I agree. This looks like spam. If this information is useful to our members I can leave it but my inclination is to delete the thread. What do others feel?

as to the best way to learn Chinese, I think that is up to each individual, and is not different from the best way to learn any language. What is unique to Chinese is the need to learn Chinese characters. If anyone has advice on how they have done this it might be useful to post it here.

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One solution might be to keep the thread but delete the spam post by the original poster.

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Everyone has to find his own way to learn languages, whatever the language. I cannot agree more with that.

When it comes to Chinese (see the link I left above), and all the Asian languages for that matter, it would be interesting to know the statistics about learners who do stay the course and do not give up. In that regard, it seems to me that every piece of advice is priceless and worth considering, whether they come from self-learners or from schools.

As far as I am concerned, I can cope with advertisements.

it is not a scam, just share some good learning advice for Chinese.

it is not a scam, just share some good learning advice for Chinese.

Clarice, if you post again on this thread I will delete the thread.

thanks for sharing