The Avatar retirement service thread

Since avatars are no longer being employed at LingQ, these gentlemen above and many more good ladies and gentlemen of various professions and nationalities with them are retiring after restless service.

François, museum guide from France
Gerrit, musician from the Netherlands
Trånd, waiter from Norway
Karlo, dancer from Mexico

We thank each of you for your service to your country, culture and language. These of course are only the ones who served my personal self, but there were many others, serving countless LingQ user through the years.

Unfortunately I only think the original poster can post pictures, otherwise this would be the perfect thread for everyone to post pictures of your retired avatars, if you had them and thank their for the service.


Why TF would they remove this feature lol. It was nice and it costs nothing to let it available…


Come to think of it, what am I thanking them for? It was me who did all the work. They just sat back and had me buy them all kinds of clothes, souvenirs, musical instruments, boats, weapons, food, drinks and costumes. Karlo and Gerrit even had me by dresses for them too cause they liked to cross dress. It even got to a point where it was just ridiculous. I bought a whole mountain for Gerrit, cause his country doesn´t have any and another one for Trånd, even though his country is almost entirely made up out of them. I even bought whole buildings for these ungrateful little creatures.

Screw them! Let them retire and see if anyone else wants to buy them all this stuff!

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