The audios: Are they in British English or American English?

I’m new this way. So, I’d like to know if the audios are British English or American English?



Which lesson are you referring to? I suppose some are British, and some are American. Some are perhaps Canadian English. Besides, they might speak not only Estuary English but also cockney even in London. I don’t think many people in the US speak what is called General American.

“A Voice from Another Part of New York”: Hear Juan González’s NY Journalism Hall of Fame Speech

Does Juan González have a Spanish accent?

For example: Login - LingQ
But, from what I saw the site has many types of English

I do not have a clue about it. I cannot detect any accent in the audio. General American?
Personally, I adore British English, but standard American English is easier to understand. I can understand what Bernie Sanders speaks, but George W. Bush’s English was like a voice from a bush. I hear he graduated from Yale University, but his pronunciation of the word “nuclear” was very strange and unique.

American accents, but the speakers are being very careful to pronounce every word perfectly, so I doubt if you’d hear these accents in real life.

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lol it took me a second to realise they were American, it’s amazing what slowed down speech does to a language, it almost sounds like 2 robots who’ve just been taught English with an effected accent. I never thought about that before, I’m starting to understand why it’s so difficult to comprehend natives in your target language, it’s like a different language all together.

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