The audio of the courses

Hi, support!

I would like to know why the audio of the text “BBC Learning English Talk about English, Who on Earth are we ? Part 2” always stops running, goes back to the beginning of it and stops there when I am listening to it. That didn´t happen before.
Thanks for your help.
Cristina Florêncio

Hi again, support!

Well, that audio of the text “BBC Learning English Talk about English, Who on Earth are we? Part 2” is stopping when it reachs the exact sentence “culture can be defined by

This item should not be in the library because BBC gives unfortunately not the allowance to share item.
I recommend to go to the BBC website and import the content by yourself in your import section.

Thanks for pointing that out crisolinda and Vera. We have now removed those lessons from the Library. Articles from the BBC and other copyrighted sources can not be shared although you can certainly import them for your own private use. As Vera suggests, go to their site for the audio file.

I based some conversations on the BBC Learning English material (though I didn’t import them into the library, I directed students to the BBC’s own web site). I stopped using those materials, even though students said they liked them, because I realised you have to use the BBC’s own plugin to listen to some of them and I found that inconvenient.

I still recommend them for intermediate 1 students for personal use in LingQ, but don’t make anything from the BBC “shared” in the LingQ library - there are all sorts of copyright issues.