The attitude . ( A guide )

As a learner of other languages it is expected to make mistakes , It is natural thing otherwise how will you learn ? When Thomas Edison successfully invent his feat, The long-lasting, practical electric light bulb one of the reporter asked : How do you feel after failing 2000 before you achieve it ? Edison tolled the man it is a process of 2000 step , Maybe it is a true story or maybe it is not the thing is that you will be also impede by many hindrances, And that is also is expected . It is to you to change your status and to move upwards . This is how Knowledge is acquired .
Now onto the question how we should cope and deal with it . First i would like to say thank you for helping others , I almost lost faith in humanity xd
Second you should be aware that you are correcting a human being .
You are not forcing a horse to drink water !
If you are willing to help others ,Then you have to have to major attributes : Modesty and Patience .
If you do not , Then no . The last thing that any one needs is some one whose comments are like: You are all idiots . And i am omnipotent all-knowing entity . But as the german proverb goes :
Die Dummen werden nicht alle . Just trying to delimit it .
I would like to know what do think about this subject . Do not hesitate !

You are right. Mistakes are inevitable. But making them in huge quantities means learning is accelerated. Language learners should strive for progress, not perfection. I hope this is true, as I am thoroughly in the mass mistake portion of my learning journey.

No worries , Just let the language flow to and through you . You should not force your self . We all look pathetic when we try to learn swimming . But with repetition and practicing we improve .
So ,
You are gucci .

Note : I was a bad-ass . I did not do all that thrashing rather i was cool and placid XD .