The Android app undercounts words read in "Sentence View"

I noticed this issue for the first time when I read an 80k-word Italian book in “Sentence View,” but only 50k words were added to “Words read.” Recently, I read 20k words from a French book, but only 12k were counted. I conducted a test by counting the words in each sentence and checking if they were added when I moved to the next sentence. During my tests, there were no updates in “Words read.”

Curiously, the “Words learned” (or “Known words”) count occurs normally in “Sentence View.” It always updates when you move to the next sentence.

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

I’ve had this feeling myself. Better than a few days ago where it wasn’t counting ANY (on some imports). That was resolved recently, but I agree, it “feels” like it may be counting a lot less compared to the other environments. I hadn’t been able to get through a full lesson with the latest fix to be 100% certain.