? That is the question!

I have been concentrating on saving phrases, but the question mark, which is so important in Russian, is always eliminated when I save questions. The result is that the audio is always in the form of a statement. Is this being addressed in the new version?

I would like to see this addressed. LingQs don’t contain punctuation, which causes lots of problems. Of course, there is probably a good reason why they don’t.

We don’t save punctuation or upper case letters since we want the LingQs to reappear as often as possible. Leaving out the punctuation in LingQs makes them more universal, more likely to reappear…

I tried using google translate to translate “this is a book” into Russian, and the TTS for Это книга? was spoken as a statement not as a question. I doubt that TTS preserves any special intonation but I could be wrong.

I understand this for upper/lower case stuff, but why for punctuation? I find it quite annoying that when I save words like что-то in Russian, it gets saved without the -. I can’t think of any examples now, but there have been times this has caused confusion. I remember it happens sometimes in Russian when the comma is removed.