Thanks to fellow LingQers

Having attained the golden crown for the first time and being referred to in the plural ‘they’ has given me the push to put a photo and some information about myself on my profile. Have a read if you are curious. The LingQ program, LingQ lesson providers, Steve and all LingQers, such as Imy, who write on the forum are a great help and encouragement to me. Thanks everyone!

I would love to correct writing in English. As I have noted on my profile I have had experience helping postgraduate students with academic English and also some experience tutoring migrants in Australia. I am happy to help with English writing at any level.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von mir!

Ich finde es toll, dass Du ein wenig von Dir erzählt hast. Nun habe ich endlich ein Gesicht für Dich. Weiterhin viel Spaß und viel Erfolg beim Sprachen lernen.

79000 words?! Congratulations, you’ve clearly been working hard.

Vielen Dank Vera, Imy und CaptainAmerica.
Ich wünsche auch euch und allen, die Sprachenlernen auf LingQ viel Erfolg und viel Spaß.