Thanks for all the new content

I have noticed a lot of new content in our different language libraries. It is now easier to follow the providers and see what else they have provided.

The RSS feed is now working in the library too.

I have just asked my Chinese tutors to record my compositions right now. I must say that my personal contents must be shared… except for publicly prohibited ones such as RFI, Radio Japon, etc

Do LingQ count if content is downloaded by the RSS?

To be honest I’m not sure if I’m glad about the RSS. Providing content “internal” on LingQ where people have to register is one thing. To enable everyone to use the RSS feed is another thing. I have to think about this …

Vera I guess the RSS feed is just to tell you when there is new content from that provider/collection. Not the actual lesson/s.

Berta, you can download the audio with the RSS feed.

mmmm Didn’t know that. But maybe that’s the case so you can have a preview.

I’ll be subscribing to the RSSs feeds of the collections I like so I can work with them on LingQ and to get the link of the feed yo have to be suscribed to LingQ first (I don’t think anyone would post the RSS feeds on other websites, but sure they can, just like they can upload the audio anywhere they like).

No, nothing is counted on LingQ when content is subscribed to by rss. People still need to take the lesson in the library to register as using the lesson. But these changes should encourage more people to take lessons, not less. The reason rss feeds were added are as follows:

  • many people requested rss feeds. Feeds allow you to subscribe to a collection so that the audio for all episodes and future episodes will be downloaded automatically to your iTunes or whatever feed reader you are using. From there uploading to your mp3 is easy and it removes the step of downloading each lesson in a collection. Keep in mind that it is only the audio that is downloaded and that the real value to all of our content is the transcript and functionality of the site. This is the idea behind our LingQ podcasts which we promote and distribute freely in hopes that listeners will be attracted to LingQ to access the transcript and functionality.

  • providing rss feeds allows content providers to put their collections up as podcasts on iTunes and other podcast sites. This should attract new people to LingQ who find your podcasts on these sites.