Thank you all! Just thank you!

This is not a topic where I need help. This is solely to express my gratitude. A BIG FREAKING “thank you”, to the whole team at LingQ, because the word separation and furigana in the Japanese reader are finally helpful and working! I almost cried out of joy when I saw the AI improved word separation option today. Again, after all these years, I just wanted to leave a big thank you note and thought that this might be the place you guys would see that. Ive never been able to get through content so easily as I am now and im finally able to really enjoy the more difficult content that I actually wanted to read for so long, but couldn’t without this aid. Thank you guys so much, id give you all hugs if I could! You already made the best language learning app I’ve ever used, and now the gap to others has become a whole lot bigger than it already was.


I come here just to say that I’m not grateful at all.

Now, it’s no more by word but the WHOLE sentence who is in LingQs :slight_smile:

Congrats, you managed to do worse than before !

The translation are false, the furigana are false, now the LingQs propositions are false. Everything is a mess. I’ve been scam with my yearly subscription, I swear. It’s getting worse and worse.

So no, I’m not grateful, and I will try to help the other learner to find another alternative.

My initial impression of at least one mini-story (after about 10 minutes after seeing this post) is that it’s better.


Hi @Vanandir !
The lesson you are referring to was created and shared in a period when the splitting had issues. That is why it has an incorrect appearance. This can be fixed by an author if to click the “Regenerate” button in the Lesson Editor. Reporting such lessons could speed up the correction.
All users’ lessons imports which were performed after 1 Dec 2023 should have the proper splitting (as can be seen on the right side of the screenshot).

There were really only a few lines in that lesson that had a word-separation problem, too. The rest of the lesson looked fine to me. I took the liberty of correcting the munged-up sentences, and added some maru’s to make it a little easier to read, since the sentences are split across paragraphs. This seems to be a common problem with YT imports, since it’s doing subtitle scraping, and those seem to be separated more by video timing than by grammar.

Is it available for Chinese too?