Text to speech

I just figured out that when you have LingQ make audio for a lesson if you play it and then press the little window that pops up at the bottom, it will then show the text and highlight the sentence being read. This is a really nice feature and it was working perfectly last night for me. But today it’s highlighting the wrong sentence. Instead of the one being spoken it is highlighting the previous sentence. I tried restarting the app but it didn’t change anything.

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That can happen if audio timestamps aren’t correct in that specific lesson. Is that your imported lesson or was it available in the library?

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It’s an imported lesson and I used the text to speech function in LingQ to make the audio. Is it possible to just delete it and redo the TTS?

I’ve experienced the same problem and contacted support twice, with no result. It would be nice if you could turn the highlighting off and just manually scroll the text while listening.

After you generate audio, you should “edit lesson”. On the left hand side under the audio part there is a button “Generate Timestamps”. Click that and let it go through the motions and see if that corrects it. I always do this whenever audio is generated or added manually.

I still think it may get this wrong sometimes, but it’s been awhile since I used the generated audio, but do love the “follow along” immersive reader when I’ve used it. I like the voicings on the edge browser immersive reader better though, so when it comes to articles I’ve tended to use that instead lately.

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As @ericb100 mentioned already, you can use the Edit Lesson feature to adjust timestamps if needed.