Text to speech issue/no audio on individual words

Although a somewhat similar issue was signaled in another thread, where incidentally I already made a post on the same topic, I think the problem needs to be treated separately and with more contextual details. On my mobile app the lack of audio came up after the update to ipados 13, which I made today. The same issue appeared on Firefox (the same ipad). No sound when tapping on any word in order to listen to the standard pronunciation. Maybe now other lingq.com users could tell you whether they have met with the same annoying issue. It’s on the Russian language lessons. Thank you for a prompt reply.

Hi @Compote,
Can you go to Settings → Reader → Text To Speech → Voice and see if you got any voices installed. They should be by default. If none are selected, select one and try again.
Also, you can try updating to 13.1 version and check if that will help.

Hi, Zoran. Thank you for your suggestions. The “voice” miraculously came back.

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Great! :slight_smile:

Hi Zoran,

I upgraded my phone from the iphone 5 to the XR and I lost text to speech. I found the settings suggestion you mentioned by clicking on the gear button settings (profile settings doesn’t have this option). Fortunately my playlist still works, but if there is a way to get the text to speech voice back on individual words and phrases that would be very helpful. I confirmed that french female and german female are still listed as the voices. What is 13.1; how would I update that to see if that helps? [I should add that this is only a problem on the iphone XR, text to speech is still working on the ipad and desktop .]

Ah, sorry. Looks like you are on iOS 13. In that case please go to Settings.app → Accessibility → Spoken Content → Voices.
Please go there and check what voices are installed. You should install a higher quality voice and see if that voice becomes available in the app’s TTS settings screen then.

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Thanks, Zoran! It’s working better than ever now.