Text in mp3 files

Would it be feasible to have the transcript of some of your items come up in the ipod display?

I notice some podcasts for beginners already offer this. For people like me it’s quite useful as it can help minimise the time in front of the PC for reading. I can read the transcript on the train or bus with no paper (which I usually lose anyway even when I print the texts). People would still need to save the words in Lingq of course.

I’m not sure how much text can be inputted or what the limits are, but I feel it might be a useful addition for some of your items.

Hi Rohan,

We really don’t have any plans to add the text for all our content but you can add it yourself by following the instructions here at LingQCentral, http://lingqcentral.lingq.com/2008/05/we-are-asked-pe.html

I wonder if you do the trick in iTunes, then upload the updated mp3 to LingQ, then if someone downloads that mp3, he will get the lyrics.

Have someone tried?

I just tried. I think it works.

Here is the mp3:

From this item:
La Biblia, Juan - 1