Test size adjustment

Good day!

I know I’m a bit late here, but I really love the new updates since I last used LingQ. The whole system just runs a whole lot more smoothly, and the dictionary hints especially are actually instantaneous now! Overall everything just feels much more efficient. Very much looking forward to what the future will bring!

I notice there are a couple of older questions on this from the forum archives, but I just thought I’d try my luck here anyway: is there a way to manually adjust the text size for the actual content transcripts? I’m learning Korean, and perhaps it’s just a result of poor eyesight on my part, but the text as it is on my screen is just too small to read comfortably as a learner, even while squinting. If such a feature won’t be implemented, would you recommend zooming the page in? Or is there some kind of third-party solution I could try?

@Chris - Thank you for your positive feedback. Great to hear that you like new LingQ :slight_smile: As for text size, now we don’t have the adjustment option (it is something that we are planning for the future). Meantime, we recommend zooming option. Hopefully, it will make your Korean lessons a bit easier to read.


maybe this helps?


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@jolanda That sounds very handy! I haven’t tried it out thoroughly, but it didn’t appear to work in Chrome (some error message last night regarding installation or something). Should I be using Firefox instead? I’ll make a better attempt at getting it work when I have time, but it looks very promising. Thanks to @spatterson for that one!