Terrorism in Germany

I hear that there has been an unfortunate spot of bother in Berlin? It seems that a fine young gentleman who arrived in the last few months has been so alienated and offended by the disgustingly inferior nature of the local Berliner culture (and, very naturally, so victimised by centuries of Western racist imperialism) that he had no choice but to borrow a truck and kill a few of his oppressors?

Well, it’s all our own fault folks. We deserve to die this way. And die this way we will - more and more of us. Unless you all vote AfD or something. But that isn’t going to happen. Because they are POPULISTS.

Hey ho. Brave new Europe.

Very tantalising post Jay!

A tame opening and a brutal close :wink:

The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey in Ankara to protest against Russian bombardment in Alleppo, Syria is also alarming.

I saw the uncensored video - as brutal as hell!

(The poor SOB was dead before he hit the floor though.)

Actually “brave new Europe” isn’t strictly true. As we know, a load of old, poor and uneducated people were stupid enough to vote for Brexit. So we - backward cretins that we are - will be able to control who comes in to Britain, I guess…


At least it isn’t as stupid as voting for a fraudulent billionaire who’s primary campaign promise was to build a 3000km long wall on the mexican border.

At least he isn’t trying to cover up and deny what’s happening in Germany.

I was busy for a couple weeks and suddenly everyone is making this equivalency. Where is the logic for this, again?

Anything can happen when bitterness mixes with self-righteousness. And the spillover could last for quite a while.

This is so sad. The most important thing is solidarity, not to divide ourselves along religious lines, and to reject fearful, brash responses. My heart is with you Berlin :frowning:

Well, when was the last time a Mexican went around killing folks in the name of Catholicism?!

(Personally I love Mexicans.)

If the word “terrorism” means “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims,” I wonder what the political aims of the “terrorists” are. Are their aims being realized, or not? Terrorists do not employ weapons of mass destruction, and their tactics are intended to arouse “terror”.

It’s a really long story and a really complicated situation. Anyone looking for a simple, one sided answer as whose to blame for the rise of terrorism won’t find it.

You may have noticed that nobody from Germany has posted in this thread so far…

In a case like this one has to care for the wounded, mourn the dead, let the police determine exactly what happened, and draw political conclusions. And it is my strong belief that these things should be done in this order, and not the other way around.

Most people here appear to feel the same way, in particular the politicians. Notable exceptions are the AfD who blamed Merkel five minutes after the attack, and Horst Seehofer of the CSU, demanding to rethink our policy on refugees. Both parties are known for positions which are generally characterized as populist.

The problem with these quick reactions is that they ignore facts and play with emotions. The suspect from Pakistan who was apprehended shortly after the attack was released after it turned out that he could not be linked to the incident. Of course the modus operandi and the eyewitnesses suggest that the perpetrator has a foreign and possibly Islamist background, but he is still on the run. It is not know whether he came to Germany as a refugee or in another way.

It is also incorrect to say, as has happened in another thread, that the German government acts against the will of the people. It is true that the nation is divided, the last poll shows 50% support and 45% opposition to the government policy on refugees.

My main problem with AfD is not that they are populist, it is that they more or less subtly incite xenophobia and racism. Their typical MO is to make some statement which can be read as xenophobic to stir the discussion, and then retract by either saying that they were misquoted (“Lügenpresse”) or they were misunderstood. A typical example was a quote by A. Gauland: “Boateng is a great footballer, but nobody would want him as their neighbor”. Later he said he didn’t even watch football and didn’t know Boateng is black. In this case, since Boateng was born and raised in Berlin it is not about foreigners, it is about race. And there are many more examples of this pattern.

The nice thing is that this does not resonate with most Germans. In fact, in the international match following the publication of this quote, you could see banners saying “Jerôme, please move in with us.”

Anyway, in times like this a little bit of international solidarity would be nice. What we certainly don’t need is some foreigner (!) telling us how to vote.


“Anyway, in times like this a little bit of international solidarity would be nice” I think this is so important.

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But it’s such a wonderful tradition to tell foreigners how to vote. Also it seems terribly nationalist to tell foreigners who meddle in your national affairs to piss off. We all get involved in the US and Russian elections don’t we?

Not to mention Brexit.

I wonder which ethnic groups or something like those exactly constitute Prinz of May’s “we” concept. Does it refer to all citizens who belong to ex-suzerain countries in modern times?
Or, does it refer to Christian citizens in the West? Are atheists included in his concept of “we”?

In my opinion it is one thing to tell an American: How can you vote for an idiot like Bush jr. It is quite another thing to tell them on 9/12/2001: You see, had you voted for Al Gore instead this wouldn’t have happened.

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Europe with all the kind of problems still better then Brazil.

You have no ideai how difficult is live in Brazil where 99% of our politicians are accused of corruption.
We owe more than $ 200 billion, We are living an internal war, justice has no power, things here is going bad!

Europe is the new paradise.

I see your point. Except number two is actually an argument. Although I don’t really believe the argument myself. That would be believing in the possibility of a perfect world and that sounds too optimistic for me.

Still I don’t think flooding your country with followers of a religion that is known for its radicalism sounds like a good idea when terrorism has become such a popular pastime among us. I am also opposed to being tolerant towards a religion/culture/ideology which is clearly extremely intolerant itself. In my mind that looks like stupidity and I don’t think it is healthy human behaviour. Sure, it worked for Jesus, but then again he could do the fish and water thing too, which probably reduced the likelyhood of him ending up looking like a fool and being subjected to the ridiculing of the masses for his abnormally tolerant mentality.

That’s just my opinion though. I’m also the kind of guy to get provoked by it when people refuse our school children the experience of old holiday traditions just for the sake of satisfying a minority of extremist atheists who think someone (maybe Muslims, who knows?) are rightfully offended by said traditions. (I mean if you are offended by this then for the love of GOD what DOESN’T offend you?) In this respect I am quite traditionally inclined. Even though I long lost faith in God myself.