Term import through .csv

Guys, can someone give me correct guidelines on how to import a .cvs-file. This would come in very handy.

Lingq says that I didn’t include the ‘term’ and ‘phrase’ column.

did I put the comma’s correctly? Can I have empty columns? (don’t need phrases nor tags) Do I have to embed the Hintlanguage 2 and Hint 2 also?

Please help me if I did sth wrong…



Hi Giacomo.
Your file seems fine, just make sure to remove all commas and remove space in HINT1 and HINTLANGUAGE1.
Also, for Hint Language and FR instead of French. After that it should import properly.

Hi Giacomo,

I explain how I do this process in a new thread: ‘How to import a .csv file’.

Hopefully it helps you!