Tell us who you are. Please fill out your bios

LingQ is changing as we make it easier for people to tutor each other. We are working out some of the bugs and wrinkles.

Meantime it would be great if our members would provide more information about themselves in their bios. A real name, even if it is an alias, is always nice. Some information on the languages you want to learn and why, and anything about your activity, interests and language learning motives is always welcome.

For those planning to tutor, the bio is a key factor in attracting learners.

Hi Steve, You’r right. A proper bio is very important if you offer tutor services.

By the way, in this thread Albert made the suggestion to allow users to have more than 1,000 characters in their bio. Especially if you want to provide information in more than one language 1,000 characters are not a lot.

I know Vera, and this is on our list.

Hi Steve. I will edit my bio to add some more interesting information. Hopefully someone will want to have me as a tutor as I’d be thrilled to be able to help all the Spanish students. Although I agree with Vera, more characters would be great!

Bios are great for tutors. However for members in the Witness Protection program…

There is no way to not sound corny.

" Witnesses are encouraged to keep their first names and choose last names with the same initial, in order to make it easier to instinctively use the new identity. "

Thank you for referring to the Witness Protection Program, RQ.

I have just tried to upload my bio but failed again. Who blocked my profile for editing? CIA, FBI, KGB of LingQ itself? I am of course a mean and stingy person but I try to become better.

“The Linguist does not warrant that (i) …, (ii) the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, (iii) …, (iv) …, and (v) any errors in the Service will be corrected.”

Have you read the terms of service? Don’t give up hope!

Business as usual, nothing new…

@victor2 - The profile page is working. What exactly is happening to you? If it is the picture that is causing the error, please check that the name of your picture file does not have any non-roman or strange characters in it.

Mark, I’ve just put a line in plain English in the field Description and pressed the button Save Changes (I see it in Russian). After that I saw standard message of IE that it coudn’t display the page. Maybe it is some problem on my side. This problem exists several month already. I also cannot import nothing but there I see that it’s my problem. About editing the profile I’m not sure. Thanks.

Hi Victor,

It looks like the system is having trouble with your profile image when it tries to save your changes. Can you try re-uploading your profile image and see if you can save the page then?

Now it works, thank you< Mark!