Technically?What exactly dose it mean?

It’s a bit weird if you watch any movies,people alway say technically bla bla ,but if you try to look up the dictionary ,it says technically means with regard to technique .
E.g : Well,i just thougt you were hot,and technically you asked me out?
What’s the meaning of techically here?

Thank you!

I think it’s used quite loosely in everyday speech to mean “ohh if you want to get pedantic”. if you want to examine what really happened - the facts.

your example: Well, I just thought you were hot and technically you asked me out…

technically does mean “ohh if you want to get pendantic”. You could also just consider using “technically…” leading up to an excuse.

eg: I just thought you were hot, and (my excuse is) you asked me out (anyway)?

I read it a bit differently: technically speaking you invited me out = strictly speaking you did invite me (ie when you look at the facts of our previous conversation / encounter you must admit that it sounded like you were asking me out). But that’s just my interpretation!