Technical questions

I’m not very experienced with LingQ.

I want to ask You about numbers on the red dots? I have no idea what it can be conected with :confused:

And the second question about stars near LingQ words. What are these stars?


Hi Daniel,
Number at the top right is telling you how much new notifications you have, If you click on it, you’ll see the list of all notification, and after you see then, number will be 0 again.

The stars represent the importance of the saved term. The importance is determined by the frequency with which that term appears in the language.

You can find answers on additional questions if you click on “Need Help” widget at the bottor right, or you can ask us for help anytime!

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Hi Zoran
Thanks for answer.

So the more frequent the word appears in the language the more stars it has?

And talking about red dot, I made a print screen:

Is this number also connected with notifications?


Hi Daniel,

That’s right, the more frequent word is, the more stars it has.

Ah, sorry about your second questions, I though that you were referring to notification bar. Thanks for providing screenshot. The red notification at resources tab button shows you how much resources are available for you as help in this lesson.
For example if number is 1 - that means that you have only “Lesson Forum” availabe as resource. That means that you can ask questions you have about lesson on our LingQ Forum.
If number is 2 - that means that you have “Lesson Forum” and another resource availabe (for example full english translations etc…)
The higher number is, more resources are available for you as a help.

Let me know if you have any additional questions about this. :slight_smile:

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