Technical Question: Bluetooth Headphones

So although this isn’t a tech forum I guess that some of you are probably using bluetooth headphones to listen to the recorded speech and may have stumbled into the same issue I am having.

When using bluetooth devices to listen to the audio on my android phone, the sound files gets cut at the end, so basically the last half second or so is missing. This has been like that since I use bluetooth, even on my older smartphone using a different music app. This is already annoying with music, but with the recorded speech it means the last word gets cut of partly or even completely, which is a huge annoyance.

A google search only brought up the thesis that the bluetooth connection gets interupted if there is no sound and a white noise generater might help or that it might be the power safe settings. Well, I tried both with no luck.

So I wonder if anyone here had the same issue and may was able to solve it. The only solution I could try out now is to extent the sound files at the end, which would be a tedious solution.

Thanks in advance.

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I have had the opposite issue before, i.e. the first half second or so getting cut. This has thankfully not been a problem with my earphones, but it’s very noticeable with bluetooth speakers. I sometimes use text-to-speech to read articles or the like, but it’s flat-out impossible with those speakers - every other word is clipped off, probably because the sound is being generated on the spot rather than playing a recording.

I believe you are right about the cause whichever end is affected - the connection and/or the device shuts off when no sound is transmitted and clips off the beginning or end. My best guess is that this an issue affecting older generations of bluetooth devices (or perhaps cheaper models), judging from the fact that it hasn’t been an issue at all since I use “proper” earbuds.

I feel for you :confused:


I agree, I have it cut off the first half second or so if having it pronounce a word, or if running sentence mode audio. I think it only is happening to me for “on the fly” tts. If I’ve imported the audio, I don’t think it’s happening (but my memory is very fuzzy). Replaying always gets the unclipped audio

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Well, the white noise generator didn’t help, though. So at least on my end it doesn’t seem to be the problem. I’ve actually added a second of silence to the tracks and the problem solved for me. So it really cuts of the last second, independend from whether there is sound or not.

The good news is that I found out that you can automatize the process of extending the audio files using audacity, so I don’t have to do this with every file independently, which saves me time and nerves.


I get this issue where it cuts off the first half of the word in the flash card section. I am not making my own recordings, just using what is there so I was curious if there has yet been a solution. Thanks!

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I haven’t found one. It’s an issue using bluetooth. I refrained to use plug-in earphones instead.

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