Teaching English Ideas

Hey all! I’m doing language exchanges with Mandarin and English, and I was wondering if anybody knew of some language activities to help the conversations move along. I know there was a website that had a lot of great language learning activities (Question and Answers/dialogues/sentence challenges), but I lost the link somehow. Does anyone have the link or something similar?

oh, Manderin is my fist language!!!

Have you ever heard of TPRS®? It’s a method of teaching another language by using stories the class and you make up together. It’s a great method and it’s a lot of fun, with the students getting a lot of comprehensible input in the target language. Here’s an hour long webinar introduction to it: Your Account Has Expired. . Basically, the teacher has two or three target structures they want to work on (like “wants to eat” and “goes to”) and then the students fill in the details. The stories are usually funny and weird, but they hold everyone’s attention because the students become the stars of the stories.

Bonjour Chalkbrd
I just vidited this site,How-you it I do not understand everything being Française
Thank you

Bonjour, Nanou. Voilà un vidéo d’une leçon en français dans une classe de TPRS. TPRS Lesson One Word Image by Ben Slavic - YouTube Le profe pose beaucoup de questions aux élèves et la classe fait ensemble une petite histoire. Dans ce vidéo en español, El problema de Blancanieves - YouTube , la méthode est plus claire.