Tasks and Forum minimized by default?

This is a really minor thing (but should be a minor thing to change, which is good, I suppose):

I’d really like the Tasks and Forum box, in the top right area of the lesson, to be minimized by default. I get that it’s a mini-guide on how to use a lesson, but with the new Tutorial view, having that big box always maximized when I load a lesson seems somewhat superfluous. After working through a few lessons, I think most people have a good idea as to what they’re doing, so don’t need the instructions.

I also recognize that the counters are in that box (how many times you’ve read / listened to the lesson), but I don’t need to increase the number of times I’ve read / listened to a lesson as soon as I open it, because… well, I just opened it, I’ve not done anything yet. :slight_smile:

As I said, a fairly minor thing, but I find myself opening a lesson and automatically minimizing that right away, and if others are doing it, it might be worth considering making it minimized by default.

How do others feel about this?

I normally open a lesson, read and/or listen to it “N” times, than increase the listen/read counter. To me, it’s useful. But, to me, would be better if the “tasks and forum” was placed bellow the text.
So, to me is useful, but when I finish reading any lesson, I always need to scroll up to be able to increase the counter.
I don’t know how others use the system. But to me, would be perfect if it was placed bellow the text.

Yeah, below the text would work fine for me, too, at which point I wouldn’t care if it were maximized by default. I just hate it taking up so much real estate at the top of the lesson when I don’t even need it when I first open a lesson.

Thanks for the suggestion, guys. Perhaps this is something we can look at in the future. It would help to know how many people would be interested in something like this as well. Would you mind posting this suggestion on getsatisfaction.com/lingq?

Sure, I’ll post it over there. Thanks.

For anyone who would like to push this idea / comment on it, the getsatisfaction URL is:



I use this website on my HTC Desire quite often and having to close the tabs every time i open a lesson is a bit of a pain. I like referring to the translation but would’t it be better to have it set out like this…

Standard view/Quick view//Tutorial tab/Translation (Minimised by deault)

Lesson content

Tasks and forum (so we can fill it in at the end of the lesson)

This way the translation can be a pop down tab that wont distort or move the lesson text and the ‘getting started tab’ can be eliminated as we already have the new Tutorial tab. Thus totally eliminating the pop down tabs on the right of the lesson.

i agree with having it minimised or some other way of making it smaller and less in the text

Meiske: Could you visit the link I posted above (http://bit.ly/mn6CWU) and click the +1 under my post there? The more votes it gets, the better. :slight_smile: Thanks!

In fact we like the box on the right which allows the video, translations, scripts etc… to be viewed while looking at the text. Therefore, we are not likely to remove it completely. While it may not be ideal for portable devices this way, it is better in our opinion on the computer screen.

But is it being minimized by default an option? (I know it is actually, just a matter of whether you will even consider changing it…)

Again, thanks for the suggestion Josh. We’ll keep an eye on getsatisfaction to see how much support this idea garners. If enough people request it we’ll certainly be more likely to spend time on it, but until then we’re working on several other cool features that we hope you’ll all enjoy :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, I’ve always wanted this. It is sooo annoying to close it every time I open a new lesson.