Target Language has partially dissapeared, words no longer increment,

In the upper right screen there are 4 circles - Streak, Coin, Language(s), and the Rest.
I noticed that my new word count was no longer incrementing, (It would do so if I refreshed the page). I then noticed that even though my target language flag is pictured in the 3rd circle, the Target Language was missing from the pulldown next to the circle. I further noticed that under “Add Language” in the pulldown, that the target language is Missing from the list!
Under Setup → Languages I still see both my NL and TL, and I still see TL dictionaries when using the web app. I haven’t changed my settings in months.

I miss seeing my learned words increment, and am worried about the (partial) displacement of my Target Language. I looked both under Brave Browser and Edge. What gives?


Just to make sure I understand, you are saying that:

(1) The number of known words doesn’t increment instantly, but it does increment when you refresh the page
(2) When the TL flag is showing on the page, the name of the TL does not show in the drop down menu below the TL flag

Did I get that right?

Pretty much. Worried about losing all progress if this new behavior is some new bug.

Well, first off, the “known words” thing is a known bug and I heard @zoran say they’re working on fixing it.

And second, if you change to a different language, you’ll see your TL in the dropdown. The dropdown contains all languages except the one currently selected. :slight_smile:

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You won’t lose progress. The app just isn’t updating the Known Word count as you work. It’s a known bug, as WillowMeDown says.

You can always check by opening a new LingQ, clicking your ID icon then clicking Profile. That will show all your statistics including Known Words.

Thanks for the re-assurance about not being at risk to lose any data!!!

I think that (before yesterday?) I use to see the pulldown:

Dutch (7950)
English (0)

  • Add a new language

As of yesterday, I noticed:
English (0)

  • Add a new language

…And noticed, for the first time, the word count near the pulldown not incrementing/decrementing.

Thanks again.