Taking a course, need the discussion questions

How can access course details (conversation topics) once a course is in session? When I open the courses page, only those courses which have not started are listed. I need the list of discussion topics!!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Lizstan,
I’m a new member at here. I’m finding out like you.
I think we must pay money for conversation because when i access conversation the system say I’m not sign up for conversation. When i sign up, the system require pay money.
I hope somebody will explain for us.
If i say something wrong I’m really sorry.

If it’s really no longer possible for a student that enrolled in a course to see it in the courses list, this is another thing to add into your list to do, Mark or Steve :slight_smile: It would be better to see the details of it for the members who want to.
In waiting, I can send you the details of the course, Liz.

Thanks Marianne and good luck Peter! I’m enjoying LingQ and the courses are great motivators for getting to work - check them out!


Yes, this is something we have to add in. It will be coming hopefully in the not too distant future. In the meantime, you have your tutor’s contact information so simply email them and ask them.


You do have to pay for tutoring. You must buy points if you want to speak or have your writing corrected.

Thanks Marianne and Mark. Merci pour tous!