Tags with multiple words

I am trying to add tags to my imported lessons so that people can find them easily in the library. In particular I wanted to tag them as ‘European Spanish’ and ‘Latin American Spanish’ (as this is how they appear in the Library) but I can’t add tags with multiple words… When I press the space bar the tag is cut there and created automatically…
I have the feeling the answer is really obvious but honestly I am stuck at the moment :slight_smile:

What about EuropeanSpanish and LatinAmericanSpanish ?

Yes, I can do that. But I have seen lessons with tags with spaces, there must be a way. And I bet it is a simple one, I am just not seeing it right now.

Sorry but that’s not possible. You may see some suggested multiple words tags while typing which you can select and add, but you can add them manually.
I would suggest you do as @benscheelings suggested and add it as EuropeanSpanish or simple add European or Latin tag which will be enough for users to identify lesson’s accent.

No problem, I will do that. Thank you zoran.