Tags visible on the flascard?

would it be possible to make visible the tags on the flashcard?

I don’t know what other members think about but for me it would be very helpful to have it.

Hi Irene,

That is not something we are likely to add to the flashcard. If you want to see your tags on the flashcard, you can always add them to your Hint.

I must say I do not need the Tag on the flash card. I often review my vocabulary from the lists in the Vocabulary section, lists which I also print out. There the Tag does appear. We have a number of requests for reversing the order of the flash cards, and I think that may help more people.

However, if this is something desired by a lot of people we could look at for the future, but certainly not the immediate future, given the other things on our lists.

However, I do appreciate all suggestions and only wish more people would comment here the way Irene does. Thanks Irene.

I like to test myself just looking to the word, and nothing else. So, if you are to add the tags to the flashcards, I think they should work as an additional hint and not be shown immediately.

Thanks for feedback.

Yes, ana-paula, that would be sometimes as an additional hint, but sometimes I think I would need it for bringing the word in my brain.

It’s correct, on the list in vocabulary I see the tag but not in the printed form.

But I recognize, it’s better to learn without.