Tags in the vocabulary section

Is there a possibility to delete a “Tag” or to change the name of the tag?

What is a tag?

If you import a vocable, directly under the imported word is the little area, called “tag” that you can add.
This is very helpful if you want to select your vocables. So you can chose all words that you served with the tag “preposition” = “prep” or “adjectives” = “adj” and so on.
You can create your own tags.

Ah I see. Can I tag a word that I have LingQed in the system? I don’t import vocabulary to the vocabulary system, but I do want to export vocabulary to Anki and be able to keep a note of which vocabulary I have exported. .

Yes Colin, you can add those tags later, too. You can add a picture, too. But this is new for me. I didn’t do this untill now, but perhaps I will try it.

Irene, we have a number of ideas on our list on how to improve our Tagging system. At present the system is a little clumsy but still very useful. I used Tags a lot to get the hang of cases and other issues in Russian.

For the time being I think there are some work arounds and I will let Alex answer. I tend to live with my miss-typed or no longer used Tags, as I wait for the new age in Tags.

Colin, you can tag any LingQ at any time.

Aaahhh, I see it. It is under the term and next to the picture.

For me, tags are important, because I save very often sentences where the preposition is important for me (these are my weak points) and so I can select it and read it more often.

Now I added a picture, and it worked!
But you have to make the size small (less pixel) and the picture is than, at the end, a square. :slight_smile:

Gut gemacht! I am not interested in adding pictures myself since I don’t spend enough time on individual words or phrases for it to be worth it, but it is still a really nice feature.

I am a curious person and wanted only to have a try :slight_smile:

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - In order to “delete” a tag, you need to remove that tag from all tagged words. There isn’t a way to change a tag, but you can migrate to the new tag by adding the new tag and deleting the old tag.

it was me who asked for the possibility to delete a task.
I deleted the “wrong” tag but it isn’t possible to delete it in the box for the tags. That is what I wanted to do, too

@Irene777 - Ah, my apologies. I got confused with all the posts in here… As Steve mentioned, we do have some ideas on how to improve tagging and hope to update the tagging interface in the future.

again me, because it worked with the deletion of a tag. After power down and boot up of the computer, the tag (no longer used) has disappeared.
Everything is ok! Thanks for your help.

Regarding the tags in the vocabulary section, is it possible to tag multiple words at one time? i.e. I could tick the little boxes to the left of a few words and and then give them all the same tag.

Also, just out of interest, why is there a *, or multiple * next to some words?

batch tagging is not possible now but will be a part of the tag upgrade when we are able to get around to it.


Also, just out of interest, why is there a *, or multiple * next to some words?

This description could be updated. Four stars are most frequent words, based on shared library material as a corpus.

Ah brilliant. I had no idea. And the + shows the top 25 words. This will be really useful for me since I am now starting to raid the vocabulary section here to look for words to put into Anki.